Ms.Lemons is a rather strange and a bit creepy horror game setting you up against this murderous lemon of a teacher. Solving her tasks and unraveling tricky puzzles, you have to pass through the levels trying to avoid getting Ms. Lemons all too mad. Otherwise your life might be in danger. So, the bell is ringing, and we need to begin!

One hell of a puzzle!

You’ll start out in a class run by a strange female lemon head named Ms. Lemons who acts as your teacher. She looks just like an ordinary representative of her kind – with huge glasses, something of a bun on the top of her head and a look in her eyes that doesn’t bode well. But don’t worry – just yet! Ms. Lemons will try to come across as friendly and helpful, at least at first. So for a few levels, you’re safe!

So, Ms. Lemons will write all kinds of crazy puzzles on the blackboard for you to solve. And these puzzles aren’t your ordinary math equations, or rather, not only those. They come in all different types, from attention exercises to mind-bending riddles. You’ll have to choose the right answer from several options, but even though they’re already outlined for you, sometimes the choice won’t be so simple!

When things go sour

And here’s the catch. If you keep making mistakes, Ms. Lemons will change drastically. She has an irritation meter that will start to rise. And when it reaches a critical value, you’ll see the horror mode activated. That’s when things get really crazy! You’ll see an evil version of Ms. Lemons that looks all demonic and spooky. With her skin and eyes now red, and blood dripping from her fangs, she’ll offer you three more tasks to solve speaking in a scary otherworldly voice. And if you fail at any of them, well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty! Hopefully, some of the items and artifacts you can guy for the stars earned between the levels will prove helpful…

Even though this game is made as a cartoon, it can be downright creepy at times. Especially when it’s the last round of that survival mode where you risk losing not only a part of your body, but your very life. Don’t get too disturbed, though, you’ll be laughing just as much as you’re screaming! So, if you’re looking for a game that’ll give you chills and thrills while delighting you with wackiness and absurdity, Ms. Lemons is something you definitely need to check out! Just be sure to keep your wits about you, the evil version of Ms. Lemons can strike any moment!

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